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Doctave builds beautiful API reference documentation from your OpenAPI/Swagger specification that you can version and update from CI/CD

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A fully-featured platform for API references and Markdown documentation

Doctave is an all-in-one platform for building developer portals using a docs-as-code workflow

Analytics and Feedback

Analyse reader patterns and gather feedback.

Doctave comes with privacy-friendly and cookie-bannerless analytics.

openapi: 3.0.0
  version: 1.0.0
  title: Developer Experience API
  description: Accelerate developer productivity
      description: Return list of pull requests
          description: Successful response

OpenAPI documentation generator

Include your OpenAPI specification to generate modern API reference documentation.

Unify your product guides and API references in one platform with Doctave’s OpenAPI documentation generator.

  • v2.3
  • v3.0
  • dev

Versioning and Access Control

Manage documentation version with Git branches. No duplicate content bloating your repository.

Share password-protected previews stakeholders.

Customizable Themes

Bring your color scheme and your logo to create modern docs with dark mode and syntax highlighting.

Doctave sites can be customized without any CSS to match your brand.

Unified Search

Search through API references and Markdown guides in one place.

3rd Party Integrations

Doctave can add preview environment links to your GitHub pull-requests and send your analytics data to Google Analytics.

One tool for all your developer docs

Bring your API docs and written guides under one roof

Doctave turns your OpenAPI 3.0 specification into modern API reference documentation

Add Markdown guides and tutorials and release all your documentation in one platform

OpenAPI / Swagger

Include your OpenAPI 3.0 specification, and Doctave takes care of the rest.

Supports all of OpenAPI, from recursive schemas, to anyOf, oneOf and allOf, to content parameters.

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Automatic request and response examples

Doctave can generate example request and response JSON examples from your schema for you

Code samples

Add custom code samples for multiple languages.

Show off your SDK and let developers copy code samples with ease.

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Co-locate API references and Markdown docs

You don’t need a separate API portal with Doctave.

Your Markdown guides and your API references are all readable and searchable in one platform.

Doctave generates clean and modern API reference documentation from your OpenAPI spec

Release your documentation from CI/CD

Continuous Documentation: Add Doctave to your CI/CD pipeline for instant preview environments and automatic deployments

Preview Environments

Every change in Doctave gets an isolated, shareable preview environment that fit right into your review process.

Get a link to your preview environment in your GitHub pull requests with Doctave’s GitHub integration.

$ tree my-project
├── frontend/
├── docs/
│   ├── README.md │   ├── concepts │   ├── doctave.yaml │   ├── getting-started/ │   ├── reference/ │   ├── navigation.yaml │   ├── _assets/ │   ├── _partials/ │   ├── docs/ │   └── structure.yaml
└── backend/

Monorepo support

Doctave works with all kinds of Git repository setups.

Publish docs from your /docs folder without giving access to the rest of your code.

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Works with any CI/CD provider

Upload docs from your CI/CD provider automatically.

Doctave’s uploader can be integrated with one line into your CI/CD pipeline.

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