Doctave, a modern
Swagger UI alternative

Doctave generates beautiful, modern docs from OpenAPI specs.

Get more out of your OpenAPI spec with a fully-featured docs platform.

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How is Doctave different?

Fully-featured documentation platform

Swagger UI is the original OpenAPI documentation solution that paved the way for other tools.

Doctave is a more modern approach to OpenAPI documentation, giving you a experience expected by today's developers.

Doctave also supports Markdown documentation, which means you don't need to wrangle multiple tools for your docs — Doctave is all you need.

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Write, publish, collaborate

Everything you need for world-class docs

Markdown Powered

Doctave supports standard CommonMark Markdown.

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OpenAPI Support

Document your APIs and guides in a single place. Doctave supports OpenAPI 3.0 out of the box.

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Privacy-friendly cookieless analytics to track readership over time.

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Reader Feedback

Get realtime feedback from your readers and find opportunities to improve your docs.

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CI/CD Integration

Publish your documentation automatically from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Build Previews

Every documentation change gets its own isolated shareable environment.

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Full-stack solution

When should you use

If you want a fully-featured documentation platform, Doctave is a great choice.

You can document your API with OpenAPI specifications in the same tool as your Markdown docs.

Doctave makes collaboration a breeze by integrating with your software engineering workflow, and your readers will love your modern documentation site.

Open-source option

When should you use
Swagger UI?

Swagger UI can be embedded into other projects, which makes it a good option when you have an existing site and want to extend it with OpenAPI specifications.

It also has backwards compatibility with OpenAPI 2.0, unlike Doctave.

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