Doctave, a truly Git-native
GitBook alternative

Doctave is a documentation platform built for docs-as-code. Collaborate on your docs using a software-engineering Git workflow.

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Built for docs-as-code

How is Doctave different?

GitBook is a well-established documentation platform. But unlike its name would suggest, it is not designed with Git in mind.

GitBook is not built for Git.

GitBook wants you to use a WYSIWYG editor for managing documentation, and was not designed for a docs-as-code workflow. If you want to use a modern Git-based collaboration workflow, GitBook falls short.

With Doctave, you get a real docs-as-code workflow.

With Doctave, you write your docs in Markdown in your Git repository and get a world-class editing experience with our Desktop app. When you're ready to publish, Doctave gives you analytics, search, user feedback, and much more all out of the box.

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Write, publish, collaborate

Everything you need for world-class docs

Git-based editing

All updates happen through source control. Use pull requests and branches to manage changes.

Markdown Powered

Doctave supports standard CommonMark Markdown.

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OpenAPI Support

Document your APIs and guides in a single place. Doctave supports OpenAPI 3.0 out of the box.

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Build Previews

Every documentation change gets its own isolated shareable environment.

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CI/CD Integration

Publish your documentation automatically from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Privacy-friendly cookieless analytics to track readership over time.

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Full-stack solution

When should you use

If you want a docs-as-code documentation workflow, but don't want the hassle of setting up a documentation site from scratch, Doctave is a great choice.

You get the best of both worlds: a fully integrated documentation publishing platform, while being able to manage and collaborate on docs through pull-requests and version control.

WYSIWYG option

When should you use

If your documentation writers aren't fluent Git-users, and don't want to use a docs-as-code workflow, GitBook is a great option.

It's a well-established stable product that should meet your needs. Their WYSIWYG editor is powerful and you can manage your content in the cloud with ease.

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