A Markdown-based GitBook alternative for technical documentation

Doctave is a documentation platform built for docs-as-code

Collaborate on your OpenAPI references and Markdown documentation using a software-engineering workflow

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A docs-as-code platform
for modern technical documentation

Doctave is a platform for building beautiful developer portals, API references, and knowledge bases

Manage your content in source control and deploy your docs to Doctave's hosting platform from CI/CD

  • Markdown guides

  • API reference docs

  • CI/CD integration

  • Preview environments

  • Versioning

  • Custom themes

How is Doctave different from GitBook?

GitBook is a well-established documentation platform. If you want a WYSIWYG experience and cloud based management, it's a great option.

But, despite the name, GitBook is not built for docs-as-code. If you are a technical writer or engineer who wants to manage your documentation with a Git-based collaboration workflow, GitBook falls short.

Doctave is designed for docs-as-code from the ground up.

Doctave is a lightning-fast documentation generator and hosting platform all in one

Doctave's documentation sites look clean and modern out of the box, with analytics, user feedback, Markdown and OpenAPI support built in.

With Doctave you get preview environments automatically for each change, and can release your documentation from CI/CD.

Doctave is designed for engineering teams that want to employ docs-as-code for world-class technical documentation.

Analytics and Feedback

Analyse reader patterns and gather feedback.

Doctave comes with privacy-friendly and cookie-bannerless analytics.

openapi: 3.0.0
  version: 1.0.0
  title: Developer Experience API
  description: Accelerate developer productivity
      description: Return list of pull requests
          description: Successful response

OpenAPI documentation generator

Include your OpenAPI specification to generate modern API reference documentation.

Unify your product guides and API references in one platform with Doctave’s OpenAPI documentation generator.

  • v2.3
  • v3.0
  • dev

Versioning and Access Control

Manage documentation version with Git branches. No duplicate content bloating your repository.

Share password-protected previews stakeholders.

Customizable Themes

Bring your color scheme and your logo to create modern docs with dark mode and syntax highlighting.

Doctave sites can be customized without any CSS to match your brand.

Unified Search

Search through API references and Markdown guides in one place.

3rd Party Integrations

Doctave can add preview environment links to your GitHub pull-requests and send your analytics data to Google Analytics.

The docs workflow for technical teams

Manage your documentation like your source code

Release from CI/CD, get preview environments for your pull-requests, and version your documentation in Git branches

Get a modern, fully-featured documentation site without fragile plugins and devops setup

Markdown and OpenAPI support

Doctave supports Markdown for written guides, and OpenAPI for API reference documentation.

Bring all your developer documentation under one roof.

Content reuse

Markdown is no DITA. But with Doctave, you can create reusable and parameterized snippets of Markdown content.

Doctave uses the Liquid template language, which lets you create both Markdown and HTML partials that can be reused across your project.

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Git-based versioning

Version your documentation in Git branches, like your code!

Doctave’s hosting platform can deploy each version independently.

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Dark mode

Your docs are dark mode enabled by default and default to the reader’s preference automatically.

Modern content-focused documentation

Doctave is free to try. No credit card required.