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If you're building a documentation site these days, you have 2 choices:

  1. Use one of the myriad of cloud-based WYSIWYG publishing platforms
  2. Take a static site generator and built it yourself

In the first case, your documentation is isolated from the rest of your source code, making it hard for a product team to collaborate using the tools they're used to.

In the latter case, you get more flexibility (and docs-as-code), but have to implement search, access control, analytics, reader feedback, API references, deployment pipelines, versioning, and much more, all from more or less from scratch.

A world-class documentation platform is a deceptively hard thing to build.

So this is where Doctave comes in. We make the hard parts easy: you get a fully functioning developer portal for your documentation, and a workflow that is designed for collaborative, modern product teams.

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CTO, Founder

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