Doctave, a full-stack
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No plugins, no JavaScript expertise required. Documentation hosting, analytics, feedback collection and preview environments out of the box.

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Fully-featured documentation platform

How is Doctave different?

Docusaurus can be a great choice to build a documentation site in for many teams.

But it isn't for everyone.

Docusaurus expects you to have a solid understanding of JavaScript/React in order to properly configure and customise it. You have to manage hosting yourself. You also have to set up integrations for search, analytics, and user feedback.

Docusaurus also does not support OpenAPI documentation without additional plugins.

With Doctave, everything is built in.

No need to configure Algolia or Google Tag Manager. Get the benefits of a Git-based docs-as-code workflow, without configuring hosting and plugins yourself.

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Write, publish, collaborate

Everything you need for world-class docs

Markdown Powered

Doctave supports standard CommonMark Markdown.

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OpenAPI Support

Document your APIs and guides in a single place. Doctave supports OpenAPI 3.0 out of the box.

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Privacy-friendly cookieless analytics to track readership over time.

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Reader Feedback

Get realtime feedback from your readers and find opportunities to improve your docs.

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CI/CD Integration

Publish your documentation automatically from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Build Previews

Every documentation change gets its own isolated shareable environment.

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Full-stack solution

When should you use

If you want a solution that works out of the box, and don't have to worry about setting up hosting and other integrations, Doctave is a great option.

You get the benefits of a Git-based docs-as-code workflow, without the complexity of configuring and deploying an open-source tool yourself.

Open-source option

When should you use

If your documentation writers are fluent in JavaScript and React, Docusaurus is a great option.

It is a solid choice for teams with the engineering bandwidth to customize their deployment to work to their needs.

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