Doctave, a Git-native
ReadMe alternative

Doctave is a documentation platform built for docs-as-code. Collaborate on your docs using a software-engineering workflow.

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Built for docs-as-code

How is Doctave different?

ReadMe is a well-established documentation platform. If you want a WYSIWYG experience and cloud based management, it's a great option.

But it isn't for everyone.

ReadMe is not built for docs-as-code. If you want to manage your documentation using a modern Git-based collaboration workflow, ReadMe falls short.

With Doctave, you get the best of both worlds.

Get previews environments for all your changes, manage versions with Git branches, write your docs in Markdown, with a world-class publishing experience.

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Write, publish, collaborate

Everything you need for world-class docs

Markdown Powered

Doctave supports standard CommonMark Markdown.

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Git-based editing

All updates happen through source control. Use pull requests and branches to manage changes.

Build Previews

Every documentation change gets its own isolated shareable environment.

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Documentation Linters

Doctave monitors your docs for issues such as broken links automatically.

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Full-stack solution

When should you use

If you want a docs-as-code documentation workflow, but don't want the hassle of setting up a documentation site from scratch, Doctave is a great choice.

You get the best of both worlds: a fully integrated documentation publishing platform, while being able to manage and collaborate on docs through pull-requests and version control.

WYSIWYG option

When should you use

If your documentation writers aren't fluent Git-users, and don't want to use a docs-as-code workflow, ReadMe is a great option.

It's a well-established stable product that should meet your needs.

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