Continuous documentation

Build beautiful docs and keep them up to date.

Doctave generates beautiful documentation websites from Markdown and keeps track of their health.

Get full-text search across all projects, GitHub integration, inline diagrams, all out of the box.

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How it works

Doctave is built with developer-friendliness in mind. Documenting your code happens in your existing workflow.

Source code documentation file structure


Your docs live in source control, so you can update them with your code, using your favorite text editor.

You don't need an external wiki that is never up to date.

Push from Github to Doctave

2Push docs with code

Doctave publishes your documentation automatically on every commit.

Every project and every version accessible instantly when your code updates.

Search your documentation

3Beatiful documentation sites

With all your projects in Doctave, you can view and search them all in one place.

You never again have to ask where the docs live.

Documentation score screenshot

4Measure documentation health

Doctave analyzes your documentation and tells you when it is out of date or incomplete.

Get alerted when documentation has not been updated, or if critical information is missing.

Open source toolchain output

Preview documentation locally

Open source toolchain

Doctave's toolchain is open source and easy to use. Preview your documentation locally using our blazing fast site generator.

With built-in livereload, you see your changes reflected in the browser in real-time on every save..

Full-text search across all your projects

Search across all projects

You never have to ask where do the docs live again. All your projects get automatically indexed by Doctave,

Powerful full-text search means your documentation is always at your fingertips.

Documentation search box and results
Documentation health score computed

Know where your tech debt is

Documentation health

Doctave analyzes your documentation and shows you where your problems are. Get a score based on update frequency, readability, and user feedback.

Know when your documentation needs updating, and see stats across all your repositories.

Doc previews in your PRs

GitHub integration

Doctave builds your documentation from Markdown files in your source code in GitHub, and even generates previews and diffs of your docs for each Pull Request.

Get documentation linting and previews in your existing developer workflow.

Github CI integration


Get unlimited projects with all plans.
Pricing scales with the number of active monthly Git contributors to your documented repositories.


  • $99 / month

  • Repositories Unlimited
  • Contributors* 10
  • On-Premises -
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  • $199 / month

  • Repositories Unlimited
  • Contributors* 25
  • On-Premises -
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  • $329 / month

  • Repositories Unlimited
  • Contributors* 50
  • On-Premises -
  • Single Sign-On -
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*Any user that has pushed code to a repository with documentation on Doctave in a given month is considered a contributor.

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