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Doctave is lightweight and easily integrates with your existing CI/CD pipeline to make sure your docs stay up to date.

An elegant tool for a more civilized age

So, how does it work?


Your documentation lives in Git, next to your source code.

No lock in and never get stuck with a proprietary document standard.

Connect your CI/CD to Doctave

Our 1-liner script uploads your docs to Doctave on every commit.

Doctave never sees your source code. Only your documentation is uploaded.

Enjoy your docs

All your docs are accessible in one place.

Search across all your projects in Doctave and never ask "where are the docs?" again.

Gets out of your way

Tiny project footprint

Doctave doesn't clobber up your projects. Our toolchain generates beautiful documentation sites without complex configuration or customization.

Simple project structure

Immediately see what changed

Visual diffs on every commit

Doctave generates visual diffs from your commits, so you can easily see what parts of the documentation were changed.

Doctave screenshot showing visual diff of documentation

Don't change your workflow

GitHub Integration

Doctave annotates your commits and Pull Requests so that you can always see the state of your docs on every commit.

Github integration screenshot with links to Doctave

A graph tells a thousand words

Graphs and charts in your Markdown

Doctave's Markdown syntax support Mermaid JS charts out of the box. Use gantt charts, flowcharts, ERDs and sequence diagrams to visualize complex interactions.


Mermaid JS flowchart


Mermaid JS flowchart

Math included

Renders mathematical notation

Embed familiar LaTeX notation in your Markdown files. Doctave will render them into beautifully typeset mathematical notation.

Rendered mathematical notation

Avoid lock-in

Open source toolchain

Doctave's toolchain is open source. You can decide to self-host your documentation sites for free at any time.

Don't let your documentation get stuck in a proprietary format.

We are on GitHub


Open Source

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