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Doctave has got your back from authoring, to reviewing, to publishing and hosting technical documentation

Why Doctave?

The documentation platform for engineering-lead product teams

Most developers and technical writers agree: managing your documentation in source control is the preferred way for engineering teams to manage documentation.

This workflow is called "docs-as-code".

Cloud-based WYSIWYG documentation systems are almost universally disliked by engineers. They lack customizability, have clunky editors, and are completely disconnected from the developer workflow.

Static site generators (SSGs) are great, but require significant engineering investment and expertise in relevant languages and frameworks. Custom themes, search, analytics and access control are non-trivial to set up. And every new contributor will have to debug why `npm install` failed this time.

Oh, you want to generate API references from OpenAPI as well? You'll likely need another generator and a separate site for those.

Doctave makes docs-as-code simple

You get a development environment that Just Works™. Your docs will look great with minimal customization. You get search, analytics, user feedback, and 3rd party integrations without having to install fragile plugins.

Your documentation will be hosted on Doctave's hosting platform, and served to your readers at blazing speeds.

Doctave supports content reuse, checks your docs for broken links, and supports OpenAPI for API reference documentation.

We designed Doctave to fit right into your current engineering workflow

Review changes with pull-requests and isolated preview environments. Deploy automatically when merging to `main`. Version your docs in Git branches.

Just like your code.

Doctave Founders, Nik & Anton

Designed for modern
technical writing

Empowering lone-writers and technical writing teams

Doctave has the tools you need to create world-class technical documentation

Content reuse

Markdown is no DITA. But with Doctave, you can create reusable and parameterized snippets of Markdown content.

Doctave uses the Liquid template language, which lets you create both Markdown and HTML partials that can be reused across your project.

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Broken link checking

Doctave scans your project for broken internal links on every change, and even prevents you from releasing documentation with broken links.

Release documentation with confidence knowing your docs won’t be broken.

Simple development environment

Doctave Studio is simple to install and has everything you need to preview and validate your content before publishing.

Easy to install and works on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Reader analytics & feedback

Understand reader behavior and detect missing content with Doctave’s built-in privacy-friendly analytics and reader feedback.

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Modern content-focused documentation

Focus on your content, not your tools

Doctave hosts your documentation and delivers it to your readers at blazing speeds

No fragile plugins or complex builds to configure. Ship your docs faster than ever

Markdown and OpenAPI support

Doctave supports Markdown for written guides, and OpenAPI for API reference documentation.

Bring all your developer documentation under one roof.

Git-based versioning

Version your documentation in Git branches, like your code!

Doctave’s hosting platform can deploy each version independently.

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Access-control for documentation

Make your docs public, private, or password protected.

Manage upcoming releases privately and give external stakeholders access to specific versions.

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3rd party integrations

Doctave supports a growing list of 3rd party integrations, from GitHub, to Google Analytics, to Zendesk.

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Doctave's dashboard lets you manage all your documentation in one place

Make your docs
your own

Advanced theming and custom CSS let you make your documentation look like your own

Doctave documentation sites do not have a “Powered By Doctave” logo

Customizable themes

Doctave sites can be customized to match your brand without a line of CSS.

Set color variables, add your logo and favicon, and your docs will look like your own.

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HTML Components

Bring your docs to life with custom components with HTML, and style them with custom CSS.

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Structure content into tabs

Divide your content into separate tabs and subtabs for clarity.

You’re not stuck with a specific information architecture with Doctave.

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Dark mode

Your docs are dark mode enabled by default and default to the reader’s preference automatically.

Customize your documentation's look and feel without CSS

OpenAPI documentation generator

Doctave takes your OpenAPI 3.0 specification and turns it into a modern API reference

Bring your API docs and written guides under one roof

OpenAPI support

Include your OpenAPI specification, and Doctave takes care of the rest.

Your API references will fit right in with the rest of your documentation.

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Automatic JSON examples

Doctave can generate example request and response JSON examples from your schema for you

Code samples

Add custom code samples for multiple languages and show off your SDK.

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Co-locate API references and guides

You don’t need a separate API portal with Doctave.

Your written guides and your API references are all readable and searchable in one platform.

Use your OpenAPI specification to generate modern API reference documentation

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