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Everything you need to build world-class documentation

Let your engineers build your product stack, not your documentation stack.

Doctave has got your back from writing, to publishing, to collaborating.

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Doctave gives you the tools to produce world class documentation.

Write with your editor of choice. Use our desktop app to preview your documentation and receive realtime feedback.

Include your OpenAPI specs alongside your Markdown guides. No need to wrangle multiple different tools.

Offline-first desktop app

Write in your editor of choice. Preview and lint your documentation with the Doctave desktop app.

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Markdown Powered

Doctave supports standard CommonMark Markdown.

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OpenAPI Support

Document your APIs and guides in a single place. Doctave supports OpenAPI 3.0 out of the box.

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Documentation Linters

Doctave monitors your docs for issues such as broken links automatically.

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Content Reuse

Create reusable content with parameterized templates

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Custom Branding

Make your docs look like you. Bring your logo and colors.

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Privacy-friendly cookieless analytics to track readership over time.

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Reader Feedback

Get realtime feedback from your readers and find opportunities to improve your docs.

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CI/CD Integration

Publish your documentation automatically from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Time Travel

Go back to any build in the past to see how your docs have changed

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Manage multiple documentation versions with ease. Map your Git branches to published versions.

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Powerful Search

Say goodbye to Algolia. Doctave's search helps your readers find what they need.

Step 2


Doctave hosts your documentation and delivers it to your readers at blazing speeds.

No plugins to configure, no servers to set up. Add Doctave's publish step to your CI/CD pipeline, and we will take care of the rest.

Get privacy-friendly analytics and reader feedback out of the box. Manage multiple versions and time travel to previous builds.

Step 3


Documentation is a team effort. This is why Doctave is built with collaboration in mind.

Send previews for upcoming changes, create private development versions, and gather feedback before launch.

Build Previews

Every documentation change gets its own isolated shareable environment.

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Git-based editing

All updates happen through source control. Use pull requests and branches to manage changes.


Doctave works with your favorite AI assistant out of the box. If it work in your editor, it works in Doctave.

Slack Integration

Get notified of new builds and share previews with ease.

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