The Doctave Mission

Make documentation painless

In most companies, documentation is an afterthought. New starters lose time reading outdated Confluence pages, knowledge gets lost when folks leave, and collaborating across teams was hard because no guidelines are written down.

While documentation tools exist, they're almost universally cumbersome, add friction, and quickly fall by the wayside. Today, languages like Rust, Swift, and Elixir have showed that when good tooling is available, developers will write excellent documentation for their projects.

But API documentation is only one piece of the documentation story. What about high level architecture overviews? Runbooks? How-to guides to get started? Architecture decision records (ADRs)? The knowledge that is hard or impossible for computers to gather - the why and how, instead of the what.

And once you have the documentation, how do you keep it fresh and relevant? How do you prevent documentation rotting in a dark corner of your corporate wiki? How does the new engineer who joined yesterday know where to update the documentation on their first PR?

This is what Doctave is solving, by building a tools for writing and maintaining your docs, and measuring the quality of documentation over time. Eliminating outdated docs forever.

Who is Doctave?

An introduction


Doctave is in its early days, founded and built by me, Nik.

I was previously the site lead at Yellowbrick Data's London office, and before that I founded as part of the Entrepreneur First accelerator.

If you want to reach out to me directly, you can email me at or message me on Twitter at @NiklasBegley.

Interested in staying updated?

We have a waitlist open

If you want to be among the first to try Doctave, we have a waitlist open! Just sign up below, and I'll personally get your documentation up and running on Doctave once we're ready to ship.