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Author, review, and publish Markdown and API docs with a Git-based docs-as-code workflow

The documentation platform for developer-focused product teams

  • Markdown guides

  • API reference docs

  • CI/CD integration

  • Preview environments

  • Versioning

  • Custom themes

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Create beautiful developer documentation, API references, and knowledge bases

Doctave documentation sites are fully-featured, responsive, and well-designed out of the box

Analytics and Feedback

Analyse reader patterns and gather feedback.

Doctave comes with privacy-friendly and cookie-bannerless analytics.

openapi: 3.0.0
  version: 1.0.0
  title: Developer Experience API
  description: Accelerate developer productivity
      description: Return list of pull requests
          description: Successful response

OpenAPI documentation generator

Include your OpenAPI specification to generate modern API reference documentation.

Unify your product guides and API references in one platform with Doctave’s OpenAPI documentation generator.

  • v2.3
  • v3.0
  • dev

Versioning and Access Control

Manage documentation version with Git branches. No duplicate content bloating your repository.

Share password-protected previews stakeholders.

Customizable Themes

Bring your color scheme and your logo to create modern docs with dark mode and syntax highlighting.

Doctave sites can be customized without any CSS to match your brand.

Unified Search

Search through API references and Markdown guides in one place.

3rd Party Integrations

Doctave can add preview environment links to your GitHub pull-requests and send your analytics data to Google Analytics.

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“Doctave has proven to be an ideal solution for our public API documentation

Upvest had always pursued a documentation-as-code strategy, using an open-source static site generator, but we faced a challenge building a Git-driven system that could manage access to content for multiple API versions and audiences.

Doctave provides us that flexibility out-of-the-box whilst allowing us to maintain absolute control of our OpenAPI spec and documentation development processes.“

Head shot of Geoffrey Teale

Geoffrey Teale

Head of Developer eXperience at Upvest

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“Doctave makes our developers happy

For SSH, publishing the product and API documentation from our code repository seamlessly integrates to our ways of working. Having the ability to easily tie the documentation updates to our existing CI/CD pipeline and release process simplifies the steps and ensures that the documentation is always up-to-date.

To us, Doctave is bringing the product documentation writing and publishing experience to its next evolutionary step.“

Head shot of Geoffrey Teale

Miikka Sainio

CTO at SSH Communications Security

“Adopting Doctave as's documentation platform was a game-changer

The flexible content structure enabled us to organize our information more intuitively, while the ability to customize the design helped maintain the branding.

Doctave's out-of-the-box integration with popular analytics tools gave us the ability to track and understand user engagement with our documentation.“

Head shot of Geoffrey Teale


Technical Writer at

The documentation happy-path:
docs-as-code without the DocOps

Skip fragile plugins and custom code: enjoy the convenience of a cloud-based docs platform with the developer-friendliness of docs-as-code

1 # Getting Started
3 ![hero image](/_assets/hero.png)
5 To get started accelerating your developer efficiency.
7 [Create an account](
8 [Read the tutorial](

Focus on your content

Publish your docs in days, not weeks.

Don’t waste weeks building undifferentiated features for your docs site.

Doctave's desktop app icon

Simple dev environment

Forget fragile JavaScript or Python development environments that are constantly breaking.

Doctave Studio works on my machine, and yours.

$ git commit -m "Add docs for commenting feature"
[feat-382 daa5346] Add docs for commenting feature
10 files changed, 151 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

$ git push origin feat-382
Enumerating objects: 12, done.
Counting objects: 100% (12/12), done.
Delta compression using up to 10 threads
Compressing objects: 100% (7/7), done.
Writing objects: 100% (7/7), 681 bytes | 681.00 KiB/s, done.
Total 7 (delta 5), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 0
remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (5/5), completed with 5 local objects.

Git-based workflow

Bring your docs into source control and manage updates and versioning in your version control system.

Publish documentation with your code and review your changes in pull-requests.

Screenshot of Doctave's web dashboard showing the output of a successful build

Continuous documentation: publish your docs from CI/CD

Publish docs changes from your CI/CD pipeline, synchronise code and documentation changes, and get preview environments for every change

Use your software development release process to update documentation

Preview Environments

Every change in Doctave gets an isolated, shareable preview environment that fit right into your review process.

Get a link to your preview environment in your GitHub pull requests with Doctave’s GitHub integration.

$ tree my-project
├── frontend/
├── docs/
│   ├── │   ├── concepts │   ├── doctave.yaml │   ├── getting-started/ │   ├── reference/ │   ├── navigation.yaml │   ├── _assets/ │   ├── _partials/ │   ├── docs/ │   └── structure.yaml
└── backend/

Monorepo support

Doctave works with all kinds of Git repository setups.

Publish docs from your /docs folder without giving access to the rest of your code.

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GitHub logo
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Works with any CI/CD provider

Upload docs from your CI/CD provider automatically.

Doctave’s uploader can be integrated with one line into your CI/CD pipeline.

Markdown and OpenAPI:
One solution for all your docs

Doctave supports OpenAPI specs for API references and Markdown documentation: one home for all your documentation

Create a project
POST /api/v2/projects
Create a new project for your organization.
Request Body Headers Auth
name string required
kind string enum
One of: public private
Content-Type string required
Idempontency-Key string
Enable idempotent requests.
  "name": "My project",
  "kind: "private",

API reference documentation from OpenAPI

Include your OpenAPI reference to generate clear and concise API documentation

application/json JavaScript Python Ruby
import { client } from sdk;

const project = await client.projects.create(args);
import client

project = client.Projects.create(args)

API code samples

Add code samples to your OpenAPI specification to show off your SDKs

# Getting Started

AcmeInc is an industrial powerhouse with a
[long history](/history) of producing specialized solutions for the most demanding situations.:

![board of directors](/assets/board.png)

We take pride in our craft, from catching
road runners with explosive tennis balls,
to empowering workers world-wide with our famous
line of anvils.

Markdown all the way

Write and organize your product documentation with Markdown.

Doctave supports the CommonMark standard with GitHub Markdown extensions.

Doctave's desktop app icon Doctave Studio:
A desktop app for writing documentation with lightning-fast live previews

Doctave Studio has everything for authoring, previewing, and linting your documentation locally

The perfect documentation authoring environment for technical writers, developers, and product managers


# Calling the API

In order to call the API, you have to first acquire an API key.
This can be done in the product dashboard, after you have created your account.
[API reference](/docs/api/).

Works with your favorite editor

Doctave Studio does not replace your existing text editor, but works alongside it.

Edit your docs in your text editor, and get instant previews and feedback in Doctave Studio.

# Tutorial

In this guide, we will walk through how to
get started with AcmeInc's wide line of road runner proof equipment.

⌘ + S

Instant Previews

Doctave Studio re-renders your documentation every time you save your changes in your editor of choice.

See exactly what your docs will look like once published.

# Getting Started

[Start the tutorial](/docs/tutorial)

Before starting your productivity boost
program, you must complete the following prerequisite steps.

Broken link detected

Broken links checks and linters

Prevent errors from reaching production.

Doctave Studio scans your documentation for broken links and syntax issues.

Simple development environment

The easiest development environment ever. No npm install required.

Doctave Studio can be installed as a Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop app.

Content reuse

Markdown doesn’t have to mean you can’t reuse content any more.

Create parameterized Markdown and HTML snippets and reuse common snippets across your project.

Lightning fast feedback

No more excruciatingly slow build times.

Doctave Studio builds and scans your documentation for issues in milliseconds.

Try for free today. No credit card required.

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