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Doctave is a platform for writing, reviewing, and hosting technical documentation. Publish beautiful developer hubs, API references, and knowledge bases with a Git-based workflow.

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More than a static site generator

Doctave handles your entire documentation publishing workflow

Docs-as-code shouldn't require stitching together fragile scripts and services. Ship your documentation into production in hours, not weeks, with Doctave.

Markdown authoring

Doctave support the CommonMark Markdown standard.

Custom styles

Customize your docs theme and even bring your custom CSS.

OpenAPI documentation

Include your OpenAPI spec and generate beautiful API reference docs.

Linting and checks

Doctave automatically verifies for docs for common issues like broken links.


Your documentation is hosted securely on Doctave's servers.

Access control

Your documentation can be public, private, or password protected.

Advanced versioning

Release your docs like code. Manage multiple versions in different Git branches.

Preview environments

Doctave creates isolated preview environments for every pull request.


Privacy-friendly reader analytics built-in - no cookie banners needed.

Reader feedback

Get feedback from your readers with our built-in feedback widget.

Doctave replaces half a dozen tools and services and saves weeks of setup.

Let Doctave handle the DocOps and focus on what matters: your content.

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“Doctave has proven to be an ideal solution for our public API documentation“

Upvest had always pursued a documentation-as-code strategy, using an open-source static site generator, but we faced a challenge building a Git-driven system that could manage access to content for multiple API versions and audiences.

Doctave provides us that flexibility out-of-the-box whilst allowing us to maintagreen absolute control of our OpenAPI spec and documentation development processes.

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Geoffrey Teale

Head of Developer eXperience


Documentation management platform

A modern hosting platform
designed for technical documentation

Publish multi-version docs from CI/CD. Create preview environments for every change. Powerful search and analytics built in.

Publish from CI/CD

Your docs will never be out of sync with your code. Publish automatically from your CI/CD pipeline.

Advanced versioning

Use Git branches to easily create multiple versions of your documentation.

Preview environments

Make PR reviews easier with isolated previews. Every build in Doctave gets an shareable preview environment.

GitHub Integration

Link your GitHub repository to Doctave to get a preview link to every documentation pull request.

Access control

Make your documentation, or even specific versions, public, private, or password protected.

Powerful search

All your documentation searchable out of the box. Let your readers search your guides and OpenAPI specifications in one place.

Privacy-friendly analytics

Built-in cookieless privacy-friendly analytics show you which pages your readers are spending time on.

Custom domain and branding

Make your docs look like your own. Bring your brand, logo, and custom domain.

Screenshot of Doctave's web dashboard showing the output of a successful build
Doctave's desktop app icon VSCode's app icon Linear'ss desktop app icon Postman's desktop app icon Figma's desktop app icon MacOS terminal app icon

Author like a pro

The Doctave preview app: A lightning fast authoring environment

Instantly preview documentation changes locally without complex development environments

Lightning fast feedback

Doctave's desktop app reacts to your updates in milliseconds. Don't let your tools slow you down.

Automatic checks and linters

Immediately detect broken links and syntax issues. Doctave scans your project for issues before they reach your readers.


Doctave's desktop app works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Simple to install

Forget fragile Python or JS development environments. Doctave works on my machine. And yours.

Screenshot of Doctave's desktop app highlighting how it catches broken links in your documentation project

Works with open standards

Write your docs in Markdown
Bring your OpenAPI spec

Doctave supports CommonMark Markdown and builds documentation from OpenAPI specifications. Reduce lockin by using well-established industry-standards.

A screenshot of the Visual Studio Code editor with a Markdown file open

Use your favorite editor

Use VSCode, Vim, or Emacs to author your docs. Doctave will re-render your documentation every time you hit save.

Easy content reuse

Extract reusable snippets and create parameterized components that can be used across your project.

OpenAPI integration

Include OpenAPI specification to generate gorgeous API documentation. Manage your guides and API documentation in one platform.

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