The best way to do docs-as-code

Build beautiful developer portals with docs-as-code

Write, collaborate on, and publish technical documentation using a Git-based workflow.

Take a look inside

Want to see it in action?

See how Doctave makes writing and publishing docs a breeze.

Batteries most definitely included

Create a developer portal for your users in minutes

No more unmaintained scripts and fragile development environments.

Get a fully functioning documentation site online on day 1.

Edit and preview locally, even offline

No complicated dev environments. Just Markdown.

Doctave's desktop app makes it easy to see how your docs will look once deployed.


Git-based workflow

Release your docs alongside your code.

Version docs based on Git branches. Just like code.

Collaborate seamlessly

Automatic preview environments for all your changes.

Keep development versions of your docs private for your team until they're ready for release.

Fully featured out of the box

Your users will love it

Doctave comes with all the features you need for a world-class developer portal. And it looks good too...

Bring your own brand

Tweak the look and feel to match your style. Bring your logo, colors, and even custom CSS.

OpenAPI References

Render your API references with your guides and tutorials. Doctave supports OpenAPI 3.0 out of the box.

Powerful Search

Search all your docs and API endpoints instantly. No configuration needed.


Set specific versions as public, private, or even password-protected.

A complete documentation solution

Does Jekyll do all this?

Stop wasting time configuring plugins on your custom docs site.
Doctave has all you need without complex configuration scripts.

OpenAPI Docs

Custom Domains

Custom Branding

Custom JavaScript/CSS

Powerful Search


Password-protected Versions

Private Docs

Preview Environments

Documentation Linters

Reader Analytics

Reader Feedback

Export to PDF

Single Sign On

API Access

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Doctave is looking for teams to work closely with to build the best docs platform out there


Need more details? Here's answers for some common queries. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always send us an email.

What makes Doctave different?
We're the only developer hub platform built around docs-as-code. Use your familiar Git-based workflow you already love, we handle hosting your docs.
When are you launching?
We are in closed beta, and working with early customers to finalize the product. We're targeting a Q1 2023 public launch.
How is my code deployed?
You use our upload script to push your docs to Doctave. It works in any CI/CD system and even behind your corporate firewall.
Why do you have a desktop app?
The desktop app lets you preview your docs locally, even offline, to see what it will look like once deployed, and catch any errors before they are published.
What platforms will your desktop app support?
Doctave supports MacOS (native Intel and ARM), Linux, and Windows.
What is docs-as-code?
Glad you asked! We have a longer piece on the topic: why you should use docs-as-code.