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Your wiki is letting you down

Your developer docs deserve a better home

Wikis are where documentation goes to die. Your wiki is full out out of date documentation that is wasting your developers' time.

Developer documentation should live and change with your code. Not in a separate knowledge base outside the developer workflow.

The best way to do docs-as-code

Write docs-as-code Push to Doctave on each commit

Write your documentation in Markdown next to your code and use Doctave to publish them in one searchable place as part of CI/CD.

Read how Google, Twitter, and Spotify use docs-as-code for their internal docs.

Doctave screenshot showing visual diff of documentation

Be proud of your documentation

Reap the rewards of a well documented codebase

Onboard faster

It's already written down.

Getting new developers up to speed easier than ever.

Productive remote employees

No more virtual taps on the shoulder to ask how things work.

With all projects documented in Doctave, developers move around your codebase effortlessly.

Stop the knowledge drain

Limit your bus lottery factor.

Institutional knowledge gets written down and out of developers heads, making sure you don't lose valuable information.

Do your docs live all over the place?

Standardize your docs in Doctave

All your projects can be documented in Doctave using tools that integrate with the rest of your development workflow.

Never ask "where are the docs?" again.

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