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We eat our own dogfood host our docs on Doctave. Read our docs

Docs-As-Code But better

Your docs stay your source control repository.

Upload docs during CI/CD to Doctave for easy viewing and searching.


Your engineers don't want to use a custom documentation editor.

Stay in your IDE and update your docs with your code. No need to context switch.

Real GitHub Integration

Review your documentation changes in Pull Requests.

Doctave annotates your commits with links to visual documentation diffs.

Gets out of your way

Tiny project footprint

Doctave doesn't clobber up your projects. Our toolchain generates beautiful documentation sites without complex configuration or customization.

Simple project structure

A graph tells a thousand words

Graphs and charts in your Markdown

Doctave's Markdown syntax support Mermaid JS charts out of the box. Use gantt charts, flowcharts, ERDs and sequence diagrams to visualize complex interactions.


Mermaid JS flowchart


Mermaid JS flowchart

Avoid lock-in

Open source toolchain

Doctave's toolchain is open source. You can decide to self-host your documentation sites for free at any time.

Don't let your documentation get stuck in a proprietary format.

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Open Source

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